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Claire Day Tooth Powder Faqs

What kind of ingredients are used in this product?
The Claire Day Tooth Powder is nature’s mix of extracts to polish, cleanse and solve your oral care problems It is formulated with active ingredients like Perilla Ocymoides Seed Extracts, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Activated Charcoal. These ingredients assist in battling bacterial infections and extrinsic stains, work as a healing agent, and neutralize mouth odor.

Are toothpaste powder and tooth powder the same?
With advancements and enhancements on the nature and feel of a tooth powder, the differences between a toothpaste and a tooth powder have ceased to exist. The only difference is that a Tooth Powder needs moisture to spread over the surfaces of your teeth, while a toothpaste has it already. Therefore, tooth powder is a dried version of toothpaste. You can also choose to use a tooth powder individually or together with a toothpaste, as shared on the Directions for Use.

Is this also a tooth whitening powder?
The Claire Day Tooth Powder is a powerful blend of mild abrasive and active charcoal, that assists in getting rid of the plaque and its yellow hues, removes surface stains and restores the cleanliness of teeth. It contains biomimetics, biocompatible ingredients for promoting remineralization and controlling plaque build-up. Resonating natural teeth whitening is the healthiest alternative over chemical ingredients or clinical treatments.

Is The Claire Day Tooth Powder safe to use?
We are delighted to answer this with a “yes”. The Claire Day Tooth Powder uses natural food-grade ingredients that are neither harmful nor have any side effects. Be careful of allowing respiratory tract involvement (breathing it in from mouth or nose).

How to use The Claire Day Tooth Powder?
Wet your toothbrush, then dip your bristles in The Claire Day Tooth Powder tooth powder and brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Alternatively, it can also be used by taking a pea-sized amount of DAWN toothpaste and lightly dipping the pasted bristles in The Claire Tooth Powder.