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Chronicles of Brilliance

Salt has been created and designed to become a way of life.
Each of our products is moulded with handpicked ingredients that are added to nurture your smile.
These products are formulated to be kind to any oral conditions one might be going through much like a “partner in care.”

With every granule of our mission, we desire to help you embrace the pleasure that goes into taking care of yourself. That is where we want you to befriend Salt for something that can perpetually remind you of a sustainable balance between empowerment and elegance.

Each of our products is a labour of love and precision, curated to meet the diverse needs of oral hygiene and appeal. We hope to have added a substantial taste to your daybreak routine.

The Team

Karan Raj Kohli (Co-founder)

“We are futuristic craftsmen, committed to leaving an impeccable legacy for our planet and people. Our users will never have to choose between a healthy smile, prices or even aesthetics.”

Karan Raj Kohli hails from one of the most popular culinary families in the country that brought Butter Chicken to our tables and also happens to be a face of crucial importance behind Salt. The family’s youngest son, Karan was raring to do for the entertainment industry what his father did for the restaurant industry with Moti Mahal. Karan Raj Kohli shares a vision for revolution, a common ground between Salt and our aim to humble the gap between oral care and appeal.

Viraj Kapur (Co-founder)

“We are bringing the best user experience to our customers through redefined, luxurious, earth-friendly, and most-importantly results-driven oral care rituals and more.”

Viraj Kapur strongly believes in the saying “Be the change you want to see”. Before establishing himself as one of India’s most dynamic producers and creators, Viraj graduated from the University of Texas – Austin where he also studied Drama and began to hone his storytelling skills through extracurriculars and sessions at the Wharton School of Business and London School of Economics. Salt for Viraj Kapur reflects his mission to cater for the luxury of oral wellness for a demand that has not been realised.

Our Workforce

Prepare to be amazed as our passionate team of research and development wizards, product gurus, and operations maestros join forces with dental science experts. Together, they conjure up innovative product formulations that aim to do more than just enhance oral hygiene; they take your oral care rituals to a whole new level.

With an impeccable focus on Customer Experience and a remarkable palette of materials, combined with a touch of minimalistic design philosophy, we create a sensory journey that immerses our consumers in pure dental delight.

Research & Development

In the face of challenges, we have embraced each obstacle as an opportunity. We ensured our products were at their optimal pH, qualified through microbiological tests, did not kill the good bacteria in our mouth and were super safe to use, while keeping an eye on the manufacturing process as well.

We’ve always ensured we maintain our standards instead of opting for shortcuts. Right from due diligence on natural raw materials, eliminating toxic elements, re-checking the effects of ingredient combinations to testing the finished product allowed us to become an authentic, 100% safe brand. Our resilience has been the bedrock upon which we build our dreams, turning ideas into reality and aspirations into achievements. 

Product development

A dynamic mix of seasoned benefactors and passionate young enthusiasts in the world of dentistry; Exploring to unearth nature-inspired solutions, seamlessly blending them with cutting-edge technology, all while keeping our precious environment in mind. 

We gathered global oral care data from the available resources and addressed the root cause of each problem: Teeth stains, sensitivity, pH, gum care, bad breath, bacteria which induce cavities.

Next, our aim was: to create toxin-free, safe products while taking conscious steps towards sustainability for our mother nature. We made sure our products eliminated and/ or replaced all harmful chemicals in standard oral-care products with healthier options. 

Dental Healthcare Experts

Our Dentists, along with our product development experts belong to a tribe with a pioneering purpose - to create beyond exceptional oral care solutions! Our team of dental surgeons like Dr. Viraj, Dr. Stuti & Dr. Ameya along with our R&D team have put composed efforts into the formulation and implementation of oral health care for the 21st century. Our first step was to understand the demand, the potential rise in concerns and provide solutions for the same.