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Trance Night Tooth Powder Faqs

Why do I need a separate night ritual?
Drawing out a night-time oral regime can assist in optimizing oral health. Ultimately, this cuts down on the procrastination that has been keeping us from taking better care of our oral health. We indulge in some food through the day, which leaves a trail of debris which release acids, imbalanced mouth pH, resulting in decay, plaque build-up and cavities. We would only suggest you don’t save it for later!

Are toothpaste powder and tooth powder the same?
Let’s put it this way, tooth powder is a dried version of toothpaste.
While it might be common to hear that a Tooth Powder aids in reducing plaque and removes surface stains or promotes whitening of extrinsic stains and a toothpaste reduces cavities. With advancements and enhancements in the nature and feel of a tooth powder, the difference between the two has ceased to exist. The only thing that differentiates a Tooth Powder from Toothpaste is its requirement for moisture to spread over the surfaces of your teeth, while toothpaste has it already.

How do I use The Trance Night Tooth Powder?
Oral Tissues are unique for all. Some resilient, some delicate. Just like some of us comfortable eating right from the pan! Feel Trance is too strong to take alone? Sprinkle it on your toothpaste instead. Take a pea-sized amount of The Dusk Night Toothpaste and lightly dipping the pasted bristles in Trance toothpowder. The magic of clove and mint would also help you keep throat infections away!
Alternatively, for resilient oral tissues, wet your toothbrush, then dip your bristles slightly in The Trance Night Tooth Powder and brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

How would Natural ingredients perform differently than chemical (man-made) ingredients for Oral Care?
Natural ingredients for Salt are a way of giving back to nature by utilizing its benefits in moral measures of wisdom and concern. These ingredients provide us with literally all of the same cleaning benefits as conventional ingredients, minus any additives, processing and/or impurities or the risks to general wellbeing. Natural ingredients are minimally processed to maintain ingredient purity. Our only aim is to imitate the beauty that resides in nature through a dedicated line of routine oral care.

Is this also a teeth-whitening powder?
The Trance Night Tooth Powder contains biomimetics and biocompatible ingredients for promoting remineralization and controlling plaque build-up. Resonating natural teeth like day one is the healthiest alternative over chemical ingredients or clinical treatments.

Are tooth powders safe?
Yes. It also has ingredients known to fight plaque, and gingivitis along with being antibacterial and antimicrobial.

*We would advise you to be cautious of allowing respiratory tract involvement (breathing in from mouth or nose).