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Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash Faqs

How does The Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash work?
Owing to the presence of ingredients like Probiotics, Green Tea leaf extract and Moringa Oleifera leaf extract, The Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash helps in controlling plaque formation, promotes anti-inflammatory effect on gums and offers a protective effect on enamel and dentin remineralization.

How do I use The Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash?
To use, fill your mouth with 15 to 20 ml or 4 teaspoons of BALANCE mouthwash. Close your lips firmly and rinse all the sides in your mouth (first front, then left, then right). After this, gargle at the back of your mouth (at the throat). Rinsing all the mentioned areas thoroughly for about 30 seconds, and spit the mouthwash once done. Wait for 30 minutes before eating, drinking anything or smoking. Suggested for use once a day.

Is it safe to use The Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash every day?
We are more than delighted to say, yes! Excessive use of alcohol-based mouthwash leads to dry mouth, and the subsequent risk of plaque build-up and cavity. But The Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash, in its non-alcoholic avatar, counters all the mentioned flaws. Additionally, all the ingredients are vegan, non-toxic, peroxide-free, and gluten-free! Best to use twice daily, after brushing and cleaning your teeth. Please note: Accidentally swallowing a mouthwash in small amounts is usually not harmful, but it could possibly lead to nausea, uneasiness and vomiting.

What is the basic mechanism of any mouthwash in the market?
Mouthwash functions as creating a protective layer in your mouth, for purposes ranging from gum protection, anti-cavity, pH balance, reducing tooth sensitivity and so on. Excessive use of alcohol-based mouthwash leads to dry mouth, and the subsequent risk of plaque build-up and cavity. The biggest advantage of using The Balance Alkaline Pro-Biotic Mouthwash is its non-alcoholic avatar, which counters all the mentioned flaws.

When is the ideal time to use a mouthwash?
Mouthwashes contain beneficial ingredients that need time to begin their work. Times such as post-meals, just before heading to bed, post-breakfast, before heading out for a social event or before visiting a dentist. Avoid using it immediately after brushing. This would allow the toothpaste ingredients to work its wonders. Avoid rinsing your mouth with water straight after a mouthwash, since it would wash away all the favourable ingredients before they get a chance to work. Using mouthwash twice a day is harmless for non-alcoholic mouthwashes, otherwise using once a day is great as well.