Storm Water Flosser

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Unveil and rinse with the original floss dance with Storm portable dental water-flosser: For effortless cleaning of those often overlooked places between teeth. Storm reduces your chances of developing gingivitis or other gum diseases while preventing the gap between teeth due to thread flossing.





  • 3 operating modes. Standard, Pulse and Massage modes for effective debridement. 
  • 2 Narrow tips for effective Interdental cleaning. 
  • 200ml Tank capacity with bottom filling lid.  
  • Internal Storage bay for flossing tip with Collapsible body. 
  • Lightweight, travel friendly and Easy to use.





Usb - C Rechargeable 

Simple Operation with power On/Off button and Mode Change button. 

200ml Tank Capacity 

Charging Time of 2.5hrs 

Battery lasting for 45 days (Single use per day)




How to Use 

1. Attach the nozzle to the main unit and press till the release button pops out.

2. Pull the inner unit upwards, open the water inlet and fill the tank with water.

3. Close the inlet and press the oval key to select mode.

4. Put the nozzle into your mouth and close your lips partially to avoid splashing.

5. Start with your back teeth by pressing the power button (round key) and floss moving along the gum line, pausing briefly between teeth.

6. Floss the front and back side of the teeth for 1 minute. Stop once done. Do not use it without water.

Put it on charge when discharged.



Additional Information 

MRP: Rs.2850 (incl. all taxes)
Company Name: Manor Rama Care Private Limited
Company Address: Manor Rama Care Private Limited
Plot No. 5, 5th Floor, Khanna House, Ambedkar Nagar, Rd. No. 8, MIDC, Andheri (E) - 400093, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Country of Origin: PRC

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